Jemnitz, Alexander/Sandor (1890-1963)
heute: 1
gestern: 41
diese Woche: 109
letzte Woche: 123
dieser Monat: 531
letzter Monat: 862
Total: 25545

United States 41.7%United StatesUnited Kingdom 3.5%United KingdomAustria 1.3%AustriaSpain 1.2%SpainPoland 0.5%PolandCzech Republic 0.4%Czech Republic
Germany 15.3%GermanyRepublic Of Korea 2.2%Republic Of KoreaUkraine 1.3%UkraineAustralia 1.2%AustraliaGreece 0.5%GreeceBelgium 0.4%Belgium
China 4.5%ChinaJapan 2.2%JapanBrazil 1.2%BrazilCanada 1%CanadaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.5%Islamic Republic Of IranLithuania 0.2%Lithuania
Italy 3.9%ItalyRussian Federation 2%Russian FederationSwitzerland 1.2%SwitzerlandTurkey 0.8%TurkeyHong Kong 0.5%Hong KongColombia 0.2%Colombia
France 3.5%FranceNetherlands 1.8%NetherlandsRomania 1.2%RomaniaHungary 0.8%HungaryPortugal 0.4%PortugalUruguay 0.2%Uruguay
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