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United States 32.5%United StatesItaly 3%ItalyNetherlands 1.8%NetherlandsUkraine 1%UkraineCzech Republic 0.7%Czech RepublicRomania 0.3%Romania
Germany 20.2%GermanyCanada 2.6%CanadaJapan 1.8%JapanDenmark 1%DenmarkBrazil 0.7%BrazilNew Zealand 0.3%New Zealand
United Kingdom 4.7%United KingdomPoland 2.6%PolandChina 1.5%ChinaHong Kong 1%Hong KongRussian Federation 0.7%Russian FederationMexico 0.3%Mexico
France 3.7%FranceAustria 2.1%AustriaTaiwan 1.5%TaiwanAustralia 1%AustraliaSlovakia 0.5%SlovakiaMalaysia 0.2%Malaysia
Republic Of Korea 3.7%Republic Of KoreaSpain 1.9%SpainBelgium 1.1%BelgiumSwitzerland 0.9%SwitzerlandArgentina 0.3%ArgentinaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.2%Islamic Republic Of Iran
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