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United States 63.1%United StatesChina 2.1%ChinaSpain 1.2%SpainAustria 0.8%AustriaSweden 0.3%SwedenDenmark 0.2%Denmark
Germany 9%GermanyJapan 1.7%JapanRussian Federation 1.2%Russian FederationIreland 0.5%IrelandBelgium 0.3%BelgiumMexico 0.1%Mexico
Italy 2.8%ItalyRepublic Of Korea 1.7%Republic Of KoreaTurkey 0.8%TurkeyBrazil 0.5%BrazilCzech Republic 0.2%Czech RepublicHungary 0.1%Hungary
France 2.4%FranceNetherlands 1.6%NetherlandsPoland 0.8%PolandTaiwan 0.4%TaiwanRomania 0.2%RomaniaIndia 0.1%India
United Kingdom 2.2%United KingdomCanada 1.4%CanadaSwitzerland 0.8%SwitzerlandAustralia 0.3%AustraliaArgentina 0.2%ArgentinaLatvia 0.1%Latvia
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I.Les cloches de Genève: Nocturne

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